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About us

Cibesmed biomedical packaging is a manufacturer and supplier of Un compliant packaging systems for the safe transportation of biological specimens and genetically modified organisms by road, sea and air.

Cibesmed have developed an entire product range in consultation with laboratories and health professionals to provide user-friendly and economical packaging solutions for the safe transportation of specimens.

The division packaging and solutions for packaging contributes to the design and implementation of isothermal packaging (isothermal bags, isothermal boxes, isothermal sacs, isothermal containers and cases, isothermal box palettes, special medical cooling packs or cooling packs for food), but also in the categories A and B; Class 6.2 – UN 2814 – UN 2900 – UN 3373 – UN 3245), approved packaging according to the regulation which is currently in force IATA-OACI (air), ADR (street), RID (train), IDMG (ship) which are adapted to the requirements of human and animal health in a medical and hospital environment as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary laboratories.

We are using our experience in cooling chains in order to design isothermal packaging adapted to the food logistics and in particular packaging which are used for the E-Commerce.